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This Course Will Teach You How To Build A Cold Email Outreach Machine That Gets You More Trials And Demos Each Month.

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As you can see, there are quite a few moving parts if you want to do cold email for SaaS at scale. This course will show you exactly how to build and manage it all, step-by-step.


"We've made over 6 figures in new revenue from cold email within a few months of working with Ryan. His methods work, pure and simple." 

"I've cherry-picked a whole lot of ideas and tactics Ryan introduced to me and shared with with our business development team."

Reid Mayo
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"If you're sitting there debating: 'should I take this course or not?' Do it. It is hands down the best amount of money you'll spend. 

Cold Email is working so well for us that I¬†turned off all of our¬†Facebook & Google ads ‚Äď and digital marketing is my background!"

Keeton Alder
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No Fluff. No BS. Just 12+ Hours Of Step-By-Step Actionable Goodness.

Modules 1-7 will teach you the fundamentals of running successful cold email campaigns.

Modules 8-9 are all about scaling your campaigns with advanced tactics, AI and automation.

Module 1: Introduction & How to Win At Cold Email

Lesson 1.01:  Intro to Cold Email Outreach (Watch Free Sample Lesson)
Lesson 1.02:  Strategy & How to Win at Cold Email (Watch Free Sample Lesson)
Lesson 1.03:  What Makes Cold Email for SaaS Unique?
Lesson 1.04:  Timeframe to Launch

Module 2: Deliverability & Technical Setup

Lesson 2.01:  Introduction to Deliverability & Initial Setup
Lesson 2.02:  Setting up a Domain on Google Workspace
Lesson 2.03:  Setting up DKIM/SPF/DMARC for Google Workspace
Lesson 2.04:  Connecting Google Workspace Accounts to Instantly
Lesson 2.05:  Custom Tracking Domains & Warmup on Google Workspace
Lesson 2.06:  Setting up a Domain & SPF on MS365
Lesson 2.07:  Setting up DKIM & DMARC for MS365
Lesson 2.08:  Connecting MS365 Accounts to Instantly
Lesson 2.09:  Custom Tracking Domains & Warmup on MS365

Module 3: Building a Laser-Targeted Email List

Lesson 3.1:  Introduction
Lesson 3.2:  Ideal Customer Profile
Lesson 3.3:  Tutorial - Installing SalesQL Chrome Extension
Lesson 3.4:  Scenario 1 - Using LI Sales Navigator + SalesQL
Lesson 3.5:  Scenario 2 - Directories & Lead Pools
Lesson 3.6:  Scenario 3 - Tech Lookup (Direct)
Lesson 3.7:  Scenario 4 - Tech Lookup (Adjacent)
Lesson 3.8:  Scenario 5 - Using D7 Leadfinder
Lesson 3.9:  Cleaning Your List
Lesson 3.10:  Manual QA

Module 4: Writing Effective Cold Email Sequences


Lesson 4.01:  Introduction To Writing Cold Emails for SaaS
Lesson 4.02:  Writing Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines 
Lesson 4.03:  What Makes a Good Subject Line? 
Lesson 4.04:  Subject Lines That Work (With Examples)
Lesson 4.05:  How Long Should My Subject Lines & Preview Text Be?
Lesson 4.06:  110+ Subject Lines To Use + Homework 
Lesson 4.07:  Writing Compelling Initial Emails 
Lesson 4.08:  The 4-Sentence Initial Email Framework 
Lesson 4.09:  Magic Lines & Copywriting Patterns
Lesson 4.10:  Advanced 4SIE
Lesson 4.11:  (TEARDOWN) Successful Initial Email 
Lesson 4.12:  (TEARDOWN) Successful Partnership Email
Lesson 4.13:  Using PS and PPS Lines 
Lesson 4.14:  Followup Sequences 
Lesson 4.15:  Spam Trigger Keywords to Avoid
Lesson 4.16:  Summary + Tools & Resources

Module 5: Legal Compliance & Regulations

Lesson 5.01:  CAN-SPAM & GDPR Outline 
Lesson 5.02:  Using a Signature to Build Trust
Lesson 5.03:  Handling Unsubscribes via PS Line
Lesson 5.04:  Setting up a Profile Photo in Gmail 

Module 6: Setting Up & Running Campaigns

Lesson 6.01:  Setting Up Your Campaign on Instantly
Lesson 6.02:  Sending Test Emails and Checking Deliverability
Lesson 6.03:  How to Deal With Replies
Lesson 6.04:  Unibox & Handling Unsubscribes
Lesson 6.05:  Forwarding in Gmail + Filtering Out Warmup Emails

Module 7: Running Experiments & Optimizing Your Campaigns

L7.01:  Optimizing Performance and Analyzing Results
L7.02:  Using Glockapps to Diagnose Deliverability Issues
L7.03:  Setting Up an A/B Test in Instantly
L7.04:  Homework - Optimizing Your Campaigns

Module 8: Advanced Cold Email Tactics

L8.01:  Intro & Tactic #1 - Deeper Personalization & Icebreakers
L8.02:  Tactic #2 - Include a Video Pitch
L8.03:  Tactic #3 - Personalized Video & Images
L8.04:¬† Tactic #4 - Dayparting & ‚ÄúHappy (Insert Day)‚ÄĚ Emails
L8.05:  Tactic #5 - Preheating & Using Linkedin
L8.06:  Tactic #6 - The One-Two Punch
L8.07:  Tactic #7 - The Thunderclap
L8.08:  Tactic #8 - Extension Sequences
L8.09:  Tactic #9 - Recycling
L8.10:¬† Tactic #10 - Plain‚ÄďText Emails & Disabling Open Tracking

Module 9: Scaling & Automating

Lesson 9.01:  Introduction to Scaling & Automating
Lesson 9.02:  Domain and Email Account Math At Scale
Lesson 9.03:  Scraping Overview
Lesson 9.04:  Tutorial - Using Findymail to Scrape LI Sales Navigator
Lesson 9.05:  Tutorial - Using PhantomBuster to Scrape LI Sales Navigator
Lesson 9.06:  Tutorial - How to Hire a Freelance Scraper
Lesson 9.07:  Using Spintax
Lesson 9.08:  Using ChatGPT & AI to Improve Your Emails
Lesson 9.09:  Team Structure
Lesson 9.10:  Team Workflow and Responsibilities
Lesson 9.11:  Hiring & Managing Lead Researchers
Lesson 9.12:  Hiring & Managing Icebreaker Specialists 
Lesson 9.13:  Hiring & Managing Scrapers 
Lesson 9.14:  Hiring & Managing Writers 
Lesson 9.15:  Hiring & Managing a Campaign Manager
Lesson 9.16:  QA Checklist & Course End 

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


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110+ Must-Open Subject Lines

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47+ High-Converting Email Templates

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Step-by-Step Technical Setup Guide

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  • List of Recommended Tools (With Discounts)
  • ICP Worksheet for Cold Email
  • Lead List Spreadsheet Template
  • SaaS-Specific Initial Email & Followup Examples
  • List of Spam Trigger Keywords To Avoid
  • Email Account & Send Volume Calculator
  • Spintax Guide
  • Lead Research Brief/SOP
  • Icebreaker & Personalization SOP
  • QA Checklist for Lead Researchers


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  • 47+ High-Converting Email Templates¬†
  • Step-by-Step Technical Setup Guide
  • ChatGPT Prompts For Endless Variations
  • 11+ Additional Worksheets, Templates & Resources
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  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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  • Full Course - 9 Modules (12+ hours of content)
  • 110+ Must-Open Subject Lines¬†
  • 47+ High-Converting Email Templates¬†
  • Step-by-Step Technical Setup Guide
  • ChatGPT Prompts For Endless Variations
  • 11+ Additional Worksheets, Templates & Resources
  • Lifetime Access Including Updates
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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